Dog Helps Woman Check off Her Bucket List Wedding Dream

The $5 Dog Wedding is Inspired by a True Story

When a doctor told Lilly Smartelli lung disease would cut her life short, she realized she may never have the big Italian wedding she always dreamed about. While she traveled, worked as a nurse, and even donated a kidney to a friend, she never found the man of her dreams.

Then, she realized the man of her dreams wasn't actually a man at all! Her faithful companion, Bernie the resuce dog, was the only guy she knew she could always count on and who loved her unconditionally. She started dreaming up fanciful wedding scenarios where Bernie stood in for the groom. 

Her imaginative wedding visions inspired The $5 Dog Wedding. This heartwarming book is about life, love, and true friendship. While the book wedding stories are imaginary, Lilly hopes Bernie will stand in as the groom in a real wedding celebration soon! 

Five Dollar Dog Wedding Sales Benefit Lilly's Favorite Charities

Lilly is donating a portion of the proceeds from every book sold to Donate Life America and to various animal shelters.

Top Five Reasons to Marry Your Dog

No one wonders who wears the pants in the family, since only one of you has pants.

You get to register at a pet store.

Four words: sterling silver pooper scooper.

It's ok that all the bridesmaids are bitches.

There's no need to buy alcohol for the reception; A box of tennis balls will do.

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Get Help for Your Shelter

In addition to donating a portion of The $5 Dog Wedding proceeds to Donate Life America, Lilly is also donating a portion of the proceeds to small animal shelters in need. If your shelter needs help with a special project, let us know what type of support you are looking for. Lilly will choose the projects that she believes will help animals most.